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Susannah Davis

John Skidmore
John Skidmore
  • Born: 11 Apr 1643, Boston, Suffolk, MA
  • Married 1662 or 1663, Jamaica, Long Island, NY, to Susannah Davis
  • Died: 9 Jul 1680, Jamaica, Long Island, NY

    John was born in Boston Mass , on 11 April 1643, and died at Jamaica, Long Island, before July 1680. He married Susanna, a daughter of Fulk Davis of Jamaica, about 1662, He was the blacksmith of this town also grew tobaccoand dried and cured it. Jamacia's was Presbyterian in doctrine. John Skidmore was clerk of it also because all the business of Church was transacted at the town meetings. He was elected to that office 4 April 1670 although his name appeared in town records before that date.
    More about John Skidmore,s life is on pages 15, 16 17 in Warren Skidmore's book "Thomas Skidmore (Scudamore), 1605-1684, of Westerleigh, Gloucestershire,and Fairfield, Connecticut; His ancestors and his descendents to the ninth generations.
    Most of the posterity of Joseph Skidmore went by way of Maryland about the year l749 to what became Pendleton County, West Virginia.
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