Jacob (Jacobi) (Jacques) StrackMaria Anna MullerChristopher StrackCatherine Mey

Jean Pierre (Peter) StrackCatherine Strack

Jacob Strack

f a m i l y
Malinda (Madeline) Strack
Anselm Strack
Peter (Jean Pierre) Strack, Jr.
Phillip Strack
Mary Strack
Joseph Strack
Jacob Strack
  • Born: 3 Jan 1839, Redford, Clinton, NY
  • Married 7 May 1860, Church of the Assumption, Redford, Clinton, NY, to Celina Brien
  • Died: 21 Mar 1928, Oxford, MA

    Buried, 24 Mar 1928, Chasm Falls, Malone, Franklin Cty, NY.
    Enlisted 2 Sep 1864 in Company C, 91st NY Infantry Regiment.
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