Francois Deshais dit St. CyrMarie Louise CloutierPierre JoyalOlive Morvan (Morvant)

Francois (Frank) St. CyrMarie Elmire Joyal

Hector Isaie St. Cyr

f a m i l y
Leander Frank St. Cyr
William St. Cyr
Melvina St. Cyr
Henry St. Cyr
Dora St. Cyr
Hector Isaie St. Cyr
  • Born: 22 Jul 1876, Chicopee, MA
  • Married to Georgianna B. Roy
  • Died: 24 Aug 1951, Chicopee, MA

    WW I Registration Card, signed 12 Sep 1918, shows Hector St. Cyr living at 313 Walnut St., Springfield, MA with wife Georgeanna B., working as a metal polisher in the Springfield Armory.
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