Prosper CloutierMarie Victoire BelangerJean Baptiste Benoit dit LivernoisMarie Louise Roy

Prosper CloutierEmelie Benoit dit Livernois

Philomene(Marie) Cloutier

f a m i l y
Children with:
Pierre Balthazard dit St. Martin

Alfred Joseph Balthazard
Philomene(Marie) Cloutier
  • Born: 4 Mar 1838, Ely Townsip, Quebec
  • Married 19 May 1856, St. Jude, St Hyacinthe, Quebec City, to Pierre Balthazard dit St. Martin

    Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
    about Pierre Balthazard
    Name: Pierre Balthazard
    Spouse: Philomine Cloutier
    Event Year: 1856
    Event: Mariage
    Religion: Catholique
    Place of Worship or Institution: St-Jude
    Province: Québec (Quebec)
    Date: 19 May 1856
    Parents noted as Prosper Cloutier and Emelie Beno..
    Noted as 'Marie Cloutier' on the death record of Alfred J. Balthazard at the Chicopee City Clerk office. However, siblings of Alfred have 'Philomene' listed on their death records.
    Noted in the 1901 Canada Census as Philomene, living with Pierre Balthazard:

    1901 Census of Canada
    about Philoméne Balthazard
    Name: Philoméne Balthazard
    Gender: Female
    Marital Status: Married
    Age: 63
    Birth Date: 4 Mar 1838
    Birthplace: Qc
    Relation to Head of House: ÉPOUSE (Wife)
    Spouse's Name: Pierre
    Racial or Tribal Origin: Francaise (French)
    Nationality: Canadienne (Canadian)
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Province: Quebec
    District: Shefford
    District Number: 192
    Sub-District: Ely (South/Sud)
    Sub-District Number: A-1
    Family Number: 41
    Page: 4

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