William Fytche

f a m i l y
John Fytche
William Fytche
  • Born: Abt 1400, Wicken Bonhunt, Essex, England
  • Died: 24 Apr 1466, Widdington, Essex, England

    BIOGRAPHY: According to the book, The Fitches of County Essex, England, William Fiche, otherwise Fyche, was born abou t 1400. William was granted lands in the Manor of Widdington. He also bought land from Richard Pelworth on Jan. 16, 1459. This information is also documented on the web page of Baronage Fitch Early Generation. It is documented tha t the most common spelling of Fitch at this time was Fytche . In a Fitch Family History, John T. Fitch points out that in the court records William's name was spelled many diff erent ways, these are all of the spellings mentioned - Fecche, Ficche, Fycche, Fiche, Fyche, Fytche, Fitche. (Fitche and Fytche are the most common spellings.) William was a very litigious man and brought suit against many of his neighbors in Essex County. (Apparently with little success.)

    BIOGRAPHY: The first mention of him is on the Plea Rolls in 1428 as mentioned by the early Fitch history written by John T. Fitch.

    DEATH: His death was reported at the Court of the Manor o f Widdington, Essex County.

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