Roger Terrill

Roger Tyrrell

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Children with:
Abigail Ufford

Daniel Terrill
Roger Tyrrell
  • Born: Abt 1612, Stepheney, Middlesex, England
  • Married Jan 1637 or 38, Milford, CT, to Abigail Ufford
  • Died: Feb 1681 or 82, Milford, CT

    ROGER TYRRELL/TERRELL came from Hereford, Eng. to America in the Ship Lion, reaching Boston Sep. 14th 1632. He remained in Boston and Roxbury for a few years. In the summer of 1637, he visited western Connecticut, probably with or following Capt. UNDERHILL'S Co. in the Pequot war. He probably went as far west as Fairfield. He returned to Boston in the fall, and there met the Davenport Eaton Company apart (of) who had come from Hereford, his old home. He married ABIGAIL, daughter of Thomas and Isabel UFFORD, In the winter of 1637-8, and with the New Haven Company, came to New Haven in the spring of 1638. He remained in the Hereford quarters of that Company until Aug 28, 1639, when he went with the Milford Company to that place which place was reached and the settlement compound (?) Sep. 1st 1639. He was accorded the rights of Freeplanter of that Colony, he having been refused those rights by the New Haven Company at the Meeting in Doc. NEWMAN's barn July 4th, 1639, he not being a member of the Puritan Church, but still belonged to the Church of England. He was Bapt'z and admitted to the Milford Church in July 1644. His oldest children were Bapt'z in August, and his wife the following Nov. He was prominent in the affairs of the Colony and Church until his death in 1692.

    Source: Personal papers of Merwin Sherman TURRILL and his copy of Cornelius B. Harvey, Esq., Counsellor-at-Law's "The Buck Family" (1889) J.J. Griffiths,Steam Book and Job Printer, Jersey City, NJ, - Which I recently purchased a new copy from Tuttle Antiquarian Books - []
    Roger Tyrrell arrived America (Boston) 14 Sept 1632 from Nanzy, Essex, England on the ship Lyon, and landed at Watertown--now Cambridge, Mass. and was married there. After tarring awhile in Boston and nearby Roxbury, Mass. moved to Conn. and founded the colony at Milford. He was a man of importance in the church and in the colony. It is on record that before he had joined the church, he was sent by the heirs of
    an estate to defend their interests before the New Haven court as "A man of very fit parts for the work".

    The Memorial Bridge over the Wapawaug River bears on the coping the names of the first settlers of the town, Roger Tyrrell and his wife Abigail being of the number. Name spelled on it ,'Terrill'.

    [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 10, Ed. 1, Tree #4088, Date of Import: Dec 30, 1998]
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