Elie GourdonJeanne Dumole

Jean Gourdon dit Lachase

f a m i l y
Children with:
Michelle Perrin

Marie Gourdon
Jean Gourdon dit Lachase
  • Born: , Montrem, Périgueux, Bordeaux, Périgord, France
  • Married 24 Nov 1676, Montreal, Quebec, to Michelle Perrin
  • Died: 26 Jun 1691, Lachine, Quebec
  • Occupation: Soldier

    pict4456.jpg [193x192] The Flag of the Carignan-Saliere Regiment
    He arrived in New France as a soldier in the Company of the Sieur Maximy, within the Carignan-Saliere, August 18, 1665, on board "Gold Eagle". He settles in Lachine. He is also described as a Master tailor.
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