Jon de PurViance

Jacques de Purviance

Jacques, II Purviance

f a m i l y
John Purviance
Jacques, II Purviance
  • Born: ABT 1630 to 1644, Royan, France
  • Died: AFT 22 Oct 1685, Castle Firm, Donegal Co., Ireland

    Jacques, with his family, fled from France October 22, 1685. The route of the flight is not known, but he next appears in Lisburn, Ireland, and following a short stay, traveled to County Donegal. Here he established himself at Castle Finn in close proximity to his cousins, the descendants of John Purveyance who had settled in County Donegal in 1613. He had with him at that time one of his sons, John. It is not know whether Jacques' other son, Samuel ever made it to Ireland. Four grandsons migrated to America. Children were: i. Samuel PURVIANCE was born about 1660 in Royan, France. He died in New Jersey. It is not known whether Samuel ever made it to Ireland with his father. The first record we have of him, following his flight from France, is found in America where he had established himself at Alloway's Creek in what is now New Jersey. There is every indication that he made it to England where he remained for a few years and from there, proceded to America.

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