Madeline Cherlot

f a m i l y
Children with:
Pierre Gareman dit LePicard

Florence Gareman
Madeline Cherlot
  • Born: , Bagneux, Soissons, Picardy, France
  • Married Abt 1628, Bagneux, France, to Pierre Gareman dit LePicard
  • Died: Bef 29 Jan 1652, Quebec

    Pierre Gareman, was born in Bagneux, in the Soissons district, in Picardy. He married, about 1628, in Bagneux, Madeleine Charlot, also born in Bagneux, in Picardy.

    We find the couple is News-France with two of their children, before the birth of a third in 1639, in Quebec.

    The elder child, Florence Gareman, born towards 1629, wed on September 3, 1641, to the ancestor François Butcher, who came with his father, Marin Butcher, from St-Jean de Mortagne, Perche, France. A son and a daughter of Florence Gareman and François Boucher bind us with the latter.

    Madeleine Charlot died before January 29, 1652, in Quebec. Pierre Gareman dit LePicard, is taken by Iroquois Onéiouts at Cap-Rouge, along with his son Charles, on June 13, 1653. And, as nothing more is hear of them, one can imagine the worst.
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