Jean BoucherFrancoise Roussin

Jacques BoucherFrancoise Paigne

Marin Galeran Boucher

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Children with:
Julienne Baril
Perinne Mallet or Nicolet

Gaspard Boucher
Jeanne Boucher

Francois Boucher
Madeleine Boucher
Marin Galeran Boucher
  • Born: 15 Apr 1589, St-Lanlis-de-Mortagne, Perche, France
  • Married 7 Feb 1610, St Langis, Montagne, France, to Julienne Baril
  • Married 29 Mar 1629, France, to Perinne Mallet or Nicolet
  • Died: 29 Mar 1671, Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec

    Originating in the parish St-Jean de Mortagne, Perche, Marin Butcher was born between 1587 and 1589. He married twice before embarking for News-France. On February 7, 1611, he married Julienne Baril, daughter of Jean Baril, de la Barre, parish of St-Langis, Mortagne. Julienne died on December 15, 1627, after giving him seven children.

    About 1629, Marin takes a second wife, Perrine Malet, born between 1604 and 1606, daughter of Pierre Malet and Jacqueline Liger, Courgeot in Mortagne, Perche.

    When the couple arrived in Quebec, June 4, 1634, it is Champlain himself who place them in the fort of Quebec. They are accompanied by three children including François Boucher, 18 years old, son of its first wife, baptized on November 22, 1617, at St-Langis-lès-Mortagne, current area of l'Orne. François marries on September 3, 1641, in Quebec, to Florence Gareman, born about 1629, who had arrived with her father, the ancestor Pierre Gareman dit LePicard and her mother Madeleine Charlot. The couple of François and Florence has eleven children.

    The ancestor Marin Butcher played a particular part in the foundation of Beauport. Mason was his trade and, as an inhabitant, a great part of the building work is entrusted to him.

    After some time, Marin Butcher settles with his family near theSaint-Charles river, then towards the end of its life, returns in Beauport. In 1666 the census takers say he is 77 years old. He dies on 29 March 1671, approximately 84 years old. His widow, Perrine Malet, is buried in Quebec, August 25, 1687.

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