John ColeElizabeth HicksPaul Martel IIMarie Genevieve Houde

Valenten Cole dit LangloisMarie Josephte Martel

Nicolas or Michel Cole

f a m i l y
Children with:
Marguerite Dupuis (Dupues)

Anne- Marie Coll
Nicolas or Michel Cole
  • Married 1 Jan 1819, St. Mathieu parish, Beloeil, Quebec, Canada, to Marguerite Dupuis (Dupues)

    From: "John Merz"
    Subject: [HESSIANS] Re: Coll - this must be pay day today - this is Michael Kohle.
    Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 16:38:23 -0500
    References: <<001701c08bc6$8dd66f40$d0a81ad1@djr>>

    of course I have time to help old friends -

    This (Will?) Col, or Kaull, who later is mentinoed as a
    Michel Coll, is none other then the Brunswick soldier
    Michael Kohle from Sonneborn. You can check yourself in
    Clifford Neal Smith's Monograph 'Brunswick Deserters' and also
    in Virginia DeMarce's 'German Military Men in Canada" page 159,
    where he is listed with details under the name of KOUEL/KOULL,
    Michael, with another note on page 157 under KOHLE.

    Do not mistake him for another Kohle/Coll, first name Nikolaus,
    that man was a Hanau Chasseur.

    Just to tell you - this day started off with a nice laugh (Joesph-Keith)
    and so far the success rate is almost perfect.
    Thanks for helping and contributing,
    From: Doris J. Roberts
    To: John Helmut Merz
    Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 3:44 PM

    > Dear John,
    > I have found some of his family but am stuck as far as the war is
    > Would you have the time to help? Thanks
    > Doris-Florida
    > From: Pierrette McConnell
    > Subject: Boisvert Surname

    > Dear Doris Roberts,
    > I wanted to thank you for the info you sent me on Nov.,18,2000 re: my
    > grandfather Olivier. I think that the info you sent will be of great help
    > to me. Could I go to genwebquebeclookups for more information? I do have
    > genealogy that goes back to the Revolutionary War. It seems that Will Kol
    > Will Kaull a young German from the city of Mayeuce,Germany enlisted in
    > British army to fight in Canada against the Americans in the Revolutionary
    > War. He is my first Canadian ancestor. He was taken prisoner of war and
    > spent 6 years in prison in Virginia. He was liberated June 1783. He
    > returned to Canada, married and changed his name to Michel Coll. He
    > Marguerite Dupuis, had a son Jean-Baptiste Coll and a daughter Madeleine.
    > He was a loyalist (Brunswicker). Jean-Baptiste married Rose Grenier, had
    > son Gabriel Coll. After that I am not too sure.
    > Thank you again for the information.
    > Pierrette (Boisvert)McConnell

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