Jan Cornelise Van Hardeen

Willem Janszen Van Hardeen

Roelof Willemszen DeDuyster Van Hardeen Duyster

f a m i l y
Children with:
Willempje Thyssen

Mageltye Roelofsse Deduyster
Roelof Willemszen DeDuyster Van Hardeen Duyster
  • Born: 1611 to 1643, Hardeen, Netherlands
  • Married 23 Sep 1663, Beverwyck, Albany, Albany Co., NY, to Willempje Thyssen
  • Died: Bef 1674

    Roelof Willemszen and Jan Willemszen, almost certainly brothers, immigrated from The Netherlands to Fort Orange (now Albany), New York about 1660/1663. Roelof married Willempje Thyssen before 1663, and moved from Albany to Brooklyn, New York. Jan moved to Ulster County, New York and was listed as Jan Willenszen ye Duitcher, the last phrase apparently meaning "the Dutchman." Roelof's children had "de Duytser" at the end of their names, and thereafter the surname used by both Roelof's and Jan's descendants was "de Duytser" and eventually Dutcher. Ancestry of From: The Dutcher family / by Walter Kenneth Griffin.

    Roelof and Jan is questionable. Descendants and relatives lived in New York, New Jersey and else- where. Includes a listing of "Dutchers in the Revolution" (p.53-55), which indicates two Dutchers served from Massachusetts, and all others were from New York. Includes index (listing Willemszen as an antecedent of Dutcher). Includes Buys, Conckling, Knickerbocker, Oosteroom (Oosterom), Masten, Storm, Van Weert, Wels and related families.
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