Gallien Baron Tremblay

Louis (Loys) Gallien TremblayNicole [Tremblay] ??

Philibert A'Loys A'Gallien Tremblay

f a m i l y
Children with:
Jeanne Coignet dit Lebreuil

Pierre Tremblay
Philibert A'Loys A'Gallien Tremblay
  • Born: 1600, Saint-Milo De Randonnai, Orne, France
  • Married 3 Oct 1623 or 1627, St-Firmin De Normandel, Canton Tourouvre, France, to Jeanne Coignet dit Lebreuil
  • Died: 17 Nov 1642, Saint-Milo De Randonnai, Orne, France

    Christening: Abt 1590
    St.malo Randonai, Mortagne, Perche, France
    Burial: 17 Nov 1642
    Randonnai, Chartres, Perche, France
    Philibert Tremblay married on 3 October 1623 in the church Holy - Firmin of Normandel. The two witnesses were Jean Cognet, father of the wife, and Pierre Cognet, one of her brothers. The record shows no parent present on the side of Philibert. The wife of Philibert is called Jeanne Cognet, originally of Normandel, a borough next to Randonnai. Three later years, is in 1626, arrives the birth of Pierre Trembaly of Randonnai.

    In 1631, Thomas Tremblay would have yielded provisionally to Philibert, goods thus described: « rights, houses and inheritances ». Some years pass, then Philibert Tremblay dreams to overcome the conditions of his miserable childhood. Philibert sells, in 1635, all his rights, house and inheritances, for the sum of 80 livres to the lady Crestot. He is this whose makes faith an act, to the name of Philibert Tremblay reached to his maturity of adult. He declares there laborer and, referring to a transaction passed five years previously about « rights, house and inheritance acquired of his uncle Thomas », sells the whole at a price reduced to the extreme. Again it was necessary - him to indemnify his uncle - tutor, Thomas Tremblay, expense of the tutelage whose he had been loaded by M.le Bailli of Randonnai, « so named Philibert that his brothers and sisters ». Until this day, the name of these last is resided unknown. It is probable that they left the village and the ungrateful land that refused to feed them.

    The older son of Philibert, Pierre, that has now 10 years, begins to develop into a good assistant on the business of the farm. The peace reigns to the furnace, under the sign of labor and the frugality. The mother ward near it the second of boys, that is called Guillaume and is only four years old. As in a lot of households of the period, these children are the alone survivors well robust of several other less happy maternities, but young relatives again, can hope a family more numerous. They are far from being as rich as cousins that exploit the Large Forge, but God helping, and flanked of their two small boys, they see the future without apprehension.

    They move to the Filonnière, a great house of bricks and roof of tile. It is a large farm house, with floor and granary under the roof. The home has only an earth floor, a lone window, but possesses a vast chimney. The door looks on a large farm yard, where instruments, farm equipment, and domestic animals make goods spares.

    Neighbor are all known: these are Lespine, Courtin, Hubert, Plessis and Leroux. As Philibert Tremblay, they are the fiefs of the lord of Tourouvre and Randonnai , Mr. Robert du Vove.

    In 1641, a girl is born to Philibert whom he named Marguerite. Guillaume, ten years of age, has to begin to help on the farm. Philibert Tremblay died prematurely. The death of the father, coincides with that of the powerful cardinal Richelieu, has coupe runs to well of dreams of future. Their thin inheritance was composed of four parcels of meadow, that their mother did not delay to sell.

    And to confirm the proverb once more well known that tells: « A misfortune never arrives alone », the small Marguerite dies in the year 1643. The two boys worked hard on their land of the Filonnière, that they continue to exploit under the diligent direction their mother.

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