Burkhart II Duke of Swabia

f a m i l y
Children with:
Reginharde of Nellenburg Abbess of Zurich

Bertha of Swabia
Burkhart II Duke of Swabia
  • Born: Abt 885
  • Married to Reginharde of Nellenburg Abbess of Zurich
  • Died: 29 Apr 926, Ivrea

    From: http://www.geocities.com/athens/sparta/7313/helfe1.html

    The Counts von Helfenstein were, during the space of more than eight centuries, possessors of a great region of the Swabian Land, and the many members of this family exercised great influence not only on their own territory, but also upon other parts of the country. They held high religious and secular offices, were from times of yore among the first in the train of the Emperors, one of them was Duke of Swabia (Burkhart), they make their appearance as generals and high dignitaries of the church, as Imperial Governors of Swabia, and in other capacities they rival for a time successfully with respect to the primate with other dynasties in Swabia.
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