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Blaise Juillet dit Avignon

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Children with:
Marie (Anne)-Antoinette de Liercourt

Marie Juillet
Blaise Juillet dit Avignon
  • Born: 26 Feb 1611, St-Agricol,Avignon,Comtat-Venaissin,France
  • Married 2 Feb 1651, Trois-Rivieres,St-Maurice,PQ,Canada, to Marie (Anne)-Antoinette de Liercourt
  • Died: 19 Apr 1660, Montreal,Ile-de-Montreal,PQ,Canada
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    Christening: 26 Feb 1611 Place: St-Agricol,Avignon,Comtat-Venaissin,France
    Burial: 20 Apr 1660 Place: Notre-Dame,Montreal,PQ,Canada


    Blaise Juillet came to this continent as early as 1644 and settled in Montreal, Canada. His father was Jean Juillet who was born about 1580; Gabrielle Barbarini, his mother, was born about 1582. Gabrielle and Jean were married in St. Agricola, Avignon, France on 18 June 1609.

    Blaise was the first of six children born to the Juillets in Avignon. The Juillet children were: Blaise,born 26 February 1611,Rene and Claude (twins) born 16 November 1615, Nicolas born 6 January 1622, Marguarite born 6 July 1625 and Joseph Philippe born 19 March 1629.

    On 10 February 1651 Blaise Juillet married Marie Antoinette d-Liercourt, daughter of Phillippe Liercourt and Jeanne Patin. Marie Antoinette was born in 1634 in St. Marguerite,Beauvais,France.

    To Blaise and Marie Antoinette four children were born: Mathurine Marguerite as baptized 31 December 1651; Marie was baptized 25 November 1653 and married Pierre L Escuyer on 23 July 1670; Charles was baptized 18 May 1656 and married 4 December 1679 to Catherine Sainctar; Louis Juillet was baptized 11 October 1658 and married Catherine Celles-Duclos on 25 January 1683.

    Their youngest child was about two years old when Blaise Juillet was killed by the Iroquois Indians while defending Montreal. He was buried 19 April 1660. Four years after her fathers death, Mathurine Marguerite Juillet married Urbain Baudreau dit Graveline on October 1664.

    BLAISE JUILLET and "The Expedition of DOLLARD"

    When his project had received "the approbation and agreement of those
    in command", Dollard presumably spent part of the winter making his preparations,recruiting volunteers and laying in supplies "for ye whole summer", Lambert Closse,CHARLES LE MOYNE and Pierre Picote de Belestre would have liked to join him if Dollard had agreed to "defer the enterprise until after the seeding"; but Dollard refused, since he would have to give up "the honor of being in command."

    The departure was set for 19 April. Hardly had the canoes left shore on the appointed day when cries were heard coming from the Ile Saint-Paul, opposite Montreal. Hastening there, Dollard's troop forced a party of Iroquois Indians to scatter into the woods, but they were too late to save the three Frenchmen who were the victims of this attack: Nicolas Duval had been killed and his companions, Blaise Juillet and Mathurin Soulard, had been drowned while trying to escape from the enemy. Dollard seized the Iroquois canoe, took Duval's body back to Ville-Marie, and probably attended his funeral the next day.

    On setting out the second time the expedition included a seventeenth volunteer who,after failing to keep his word the previous day, had now changed his mind.

    A few years ago a monument was erected on the Outaouais (Wisconsin)
    River at the place where this heroic combat took place."

    After Blaise Juillet's death his wife Marie Antoinette De Liercourt daughter of Phillippe De Liercourt and Jeanne Patin De Ste. Marguerite remarried to Huges Picard, June 30,1660, at Montreal,son of Gabriel Picard and Michelle Clavier Picard.
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