John Harrold

f a m i l y
Children with:
Deliah [Harrold] ??

Elizabeth Harrold (Herrold)
John Harrold
  • Born: Abt 1750, VA
  • Married to Deliah [Harrold] ??
  • Died: Abt 1825, South Bank Potomac, VA

    Exerpt from:
    The Chisnell and Rhind Families
    Updated September 10, 2000
    by Julia Rhind Chisnell
    722 Palmer St
    Wooster, Ohio A-United States

    [HEWeese] refers to John Harrold as an "Englishman".
    [HEWeese]: "Record copied from DAR papers -- 'Private John Harrold born in Virginia, d South Bank of the Potomac River, 1825. Private Harrold's name appears last on the roll of Capt Kirkpatrick's Co, in a detachment of the 2nd Virginia Brigade commanded by Col Tebiger covering the period from December 1779 to March 1780. (RWLucas)' The Washington War Dept record of John Harrold shows that 'The records of this office who that one, John Herrold, also born as John Harold, enlisted for three years March 1, 1777 in Capt Wallace's Company, 12th VA Regiment, commanded by Col James Wood, Revolutionary War. He was transferred several times. (from RWLucas)'"
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