Nicolas Le PetitCatherine Ancelin or Asselin

Nicolas (Dit Lapre Dit Lapree) Petit Lapre

f a m i l y
Children with:
Marie Pomponnelle

Marie Gertrude Petit
Nicolas (Dit Lapre Dit Lapree) Petit Lapre
  • Born: 1631, Courcon, Larochelle, Aunis, France
  • Married 17 Aug 1656, Troisrivieres, Stmaurice, Pq, Can, to Marie Pomponnelle
  • Died: 26 Jun 1697, Varennes, Vercheres, Pq, Can

    Christened: 1631 Place: Of Legue'allere, Courcon, Charente Maritim, France
    Buried: 27 Jun 1697 Place: Varennes, Vercheres, Quebec, Canada
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