Hugues Freer

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Children with:
Janetje Wibau

Abraham Freer
Hugues Freer
  • Born: Abt 1640, Herly-en-Boulonois, France
  • Married 3 Jun 1720, Kingston, NY, to Marie de la Haye
  • Married 22 Jan 1667, Mannheim, Germany, to Janetje Wibau
  • Died: Abt 1698, New Paltz, Ulster, NY

    Hugues Frere,1 was born about 1640 in Herly-en-Boulonois, France, died in New Paltz, Ulster County, NY (will dated, 4 Jan 1698). He was buried in New Paltz, NY in the Walloon Cemetery. He married (1) on 12 Oct 1660 in the French Congregation, Mannheim, Germany, Marie De La Haye, born about 1643 of Douaye, France, died 1666 in, probably Mannheim, Germany. He married (2) on 22 Jan 1667 in Mannheim in the French Congregation, Germany, Janetje Wibau, born about 1645/50 of Bruyelle, France, died 8 Dec 1695 in New Paltz, Ulster County, NY, buried in New Paltz, NY in the Walloon Cemetery, daughter of Toussaint Wibau.

    Hugues Frere was one of the twelve "Huguenot Patentees" of the celebrated New Paltz Patent in Ulster County, NY granted by Sir Edmond Andros, 29 September 1677 to: Louis Du Bois; Christian Deyo; Abraham Hasbrouch; Andres Le Fever; Jean Hasbrouch; Peter Deyo; Louis Beiver; Antoine Crispell; Abraham De Bois; Hugo "Ffrere"; Isaac Du Bois and Simon Le Fever. It is still largely occupied by their descendants. From the organization of the New Paltz Church in 1683, Hugo Freer was Deacon thereof. His will was dated 4 January 1698 at New Paltz, Ulster County, NY. He died before 25 August 1703 as that is when the other patentees, or their heirs, confirmed to his children: Hugo, Jr.; Abraham; Jacob; Jean; Maria (wife of Lewis Veille); and Sarah, one twelfth of the patent which had been Hugo's share. He is buried in the Walloon Cemetery, New Paltz, NY. Hugo (Hugues) Sr., was twice married; first to Maria Hay, as shown on the marriage record for their son, Hugo who died in 1666. He appears as head of a household in 1666 but was a widower by 1656. All information is from "The Freer Family", published by the Huguenot Historical Society, New Paltz, NY. Jeanne Wibau, named at the baptism of his two sons in 1679 and 1682 at New Paltz, NY became his second wife.

    The records show, in the French Congregation at Mannheim, Germany, Hugues Frere, young man, native of Herly-en-Boulonois, France and Marie de la Haye, young woman, native of Douaye, France in the reconquered land, have been married at this Church, 2 Oct 1660. (source: The Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz, NY). His second marriage, recorded 22 January 1667 at Mannheim, French Congregation, Germany to Jeanne Wibau. Hugo, Sr. and Hugo, Jr. took the Oath of Allegiance together, 1 September 1687. He was a French Huguenot and came to America on the "Spotted Cow". He resided at New Paltz, NY. He probably came to America about 1675/76. The last appearance of Hugo Freer in the records of Mannheim, Germany is 25 Oct 1674. Apparently he did not come to America until after that date. It shows in the records of the same church that they had a son Abraham born 11 Jan 1668, sponsor's, Francois Frere and Peronne Tisse. Another Abraham was born 11 June 1670, sponsor's, Abraham Hasenbrouke and Barbe Ravia, wife of Jean Copet; another, Isaac, born 1 Feb 1672, Sponsor's, Adrien Wibaut and Susanne le Leu.

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