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William Broadley

f a m i l y
Children with:
Alice Pritchard

Nathaniel Bradley
William Broadley
  • Born: 4 Sep 1619, Shipley (Bradford), Yorkshire, England
  • Married 18 Feb 1645, Springfield, MA, to Alice Pritchard
  • Died: 29 May 1691, New Haven, CT

    He was christened on 8 Jul 1621 in St. Michel, Shipley, Yorkshire, England.
    He was buried in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut
    He immigrated in 1637/1638 to America as a Member of the Davenport-Eaton founding expedition of New Ha??.

    The first Bradleys in the United States are said to have come from the market town of Bingley, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, about twelve miles northeast of Leeds on the river Aire. The town of Bradley (or Broadlea) was about seven miles to the north of Bingley. The name Bradley is Anglo-Saxon, meaning a broad field or pasture. The father of the American pioneer of the family is not known, nor is the name of his first wife. Their son, William Bradley, according to tradition handed down in different branches of the family, was a friend of Cromwell, and the "History of Bingley, England," states that he was a major in the parliamentary army, and removed to New Haven, United States of America. He was the first of the family to come to Connecticut and sojourned for a time in Branford and Guilford, later removing to New Haven, where he took the oath of fidelity in August, 1644. He later lived in North Haven and had large landed interests there. He located on the west side of East (Quinnipiac) river, about nine miles north of New Haven, and soon gained possession of the cotters one hundred and eighty-nine acres in addition to his other lands. Thorpe's "History of North Haven" states that he was the first landowner in the village.

    His stepmother, Elizabeth Bradley, with her four sons and one daughter, is said to have followed him to America in 1648. These children were: Daniel; Joshua, of New Haven; Ellen, married John Allin; Nathan, born 1638; Stephen, born 1642. She married (second) in this country, John Parmalee, who died November 8, 1659; married (third) May 27, 1663, John Evarts, who died May 10, 1669. She died in January, 1683. Both her American husbands were of Guilford.

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