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Children with:
Agnes Cooke (Hooper)

Rev. John Warham
Richard Warham
  • Born: Bef 8 Dec 1565, Maiden Newton, Dorset, England
  • Married 14 Oct 1588, Crewkerne, Somerset, England, to Agnes Cooke (Hooper)
  • Died: Bef 7 Oct 1623, Crewkerne, Somerset, England


    Richard Warham gentleman - Bpt. 8 Dec. 1565, Maiden Newton, Dorset. Bu. 7 Oct. 1623, Crewkerne. His will dated 16 Sept. 1623, proved 1624 (PCC Byrde-1624). He married Agnes Cooke or alias Hooper, 14 Oct. 1588, Crewkerne, Somerset. She was the Agnes Hooper, bpt. 1562, Crewkerne, dau. of John Hooper and Elizabeth Cogan, dau. of Nicholas Cogan of Chard.

    Richard Warham held for lives, by copy, one cottage and a garden on South street. (NOTE: There is a South street in Crewkerne, that is a main road that leads southeast from the town). He also held three acres of land in the common fields of Crewkerne. (Ref: 1599 Survey of Crewkerne, Somerset Record Office T/PH/hsy).

    He was one of the six townsmen chosen to help the Free. School at Crewkerne, sometimes called the Chantry of the Holy Trinity. On 27 Jan. 1614, John Ball was headmaster, Richard was elected Warden of the school, and presumbably he held office until his successor was elected, 27 Dec. 1619. His duties were to preside at the meetings, to keep the accounts, pay the bills, to ride out and inspect the school estates, and in conjunction with the baliff, to have charge of the school muniments (title deeds), and to prosecute any legal business which might be necessary for the good of the school.

    When he wrote his will on 16 Sept. 1623, he was "possessed of and in divers lesses within the manor of Crewkerne of certain lands there of and some of the lords of the same manor for and during the term of three thousand years, as in and by the same leases more affordable than it may appear. Rev. John Warham was heir to this property. Richard also named his wife Agnes, his daughter Magdalen Gibbs and each of her children, and his daughter Joan Cossins and her children. When John left for New England he gave one and a half acres to his servant:, Bernard Jefferys, husbandman, for three years.

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