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Richard FitzEustace de Clavering Baron of Halton

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Roger FitzRichard de Clavering Lord Of Warkworth
Richard FitzEustace de Clavering Baron of Halton
  • Born: Abt 1128, Halton, Yorkshire, England
  • Died: 1163 to 1178

    Richard FitzEustace, 5th Baron of Halton and Constable of Chester

    Richard FitzEustace, only son. Inherited the honours of his mother, and became 5th Baron of Halton, and Constable of Chester.

    There is some contention among researchers between Richard FitzEustace and (possibly, his borther) John de Lacy for the Barony of Holton. More research is required. I will stop this line here.

    There is also differences in research as to the wife of Richard. Two women are cited - Jane Bigod and Albreda (Aubrey) de Lisoures. Again more reseach is warranted.

    There is little doubt however about the parentage of Richard, so that is shown here.
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