Ansoud de Alsace

Bodilon de PoitiersSigrade (St. Marie Sigrade) d'Alsace

St. Warinus (Guerin) Autun Count of Poitiers

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Children with:
Kunza (Gunza) de Treves

St. Leutwinus de Treves Count and Bishop of Treves
St. Warinus (Guerin) Autun Count of Poitiers
  • Born: Abt 635
  • Married to Kunza (Gunza) de Treves
  • Died: Abt 677

    pict3201.jpg [120x193] St. Blaise et St. Guérin - François Georgin (Image d'Épinal), January 1896
    St. Warinus
    d. 7th century Feastday: August 25

    Martyr of the Franks. The son of St. Sigrada and brother of St. Leodegarius, he was murdered by Ebroin, the cruel Frankish Mayor of the Palace after Ebroin entered into a bitter feud with Leodegarius.

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