Wilhelm Minnir

f a m i l y
Children with:
Eva Susanna Ehl

Christian Minnir
Wilhelm Minnir
  • Born: 1656, Ernestbach, Manheim, Germany
  • Married 1674 or 75, Eizelsasse,Odenwald, , , Germany or Michelstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, to Eva Susanna Ehl
  • Died: Aft 1705, Germany

    Wilhelm Minnir was an Armorer in the service of the Count of Hohenlohe at Ernstbach in the Odenwald, East of the Rhine River in Germany.
    Records at Evangelical Parish House, Mannheim, Germany.
    Birth records, KB II, p. 408.
    Death records, KB Michelstadt II, p. 803.
    Marriage records, Jugelfinger, Book III, p. 64.
    Details on this first documentation can be found in the National Genealogical
    Society Quarterly, June 1954, page 67-68 in an article by Mrs. Frank E.
    Finch, "The Minier Family in Germany." According to the unsigned document, Wilhelm was living in Germany as early as 1703 at the wedding of his son, Christian, though conjecture assumed they were French Huguenots. Willhelm was an armorer in the service of the County of Hohenlohe at Ernstback in the Odenwald, a region just east of the Rhine River where the Neckar meets the Rhine near Heidelberg in 1703. The article further identifies Willhelm as the great grandfather of Christian Minier, the first settler in Big Flats, Chemung County, NY.
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