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Jacques Lussier (L'Huissier)Marguerite Darmine

Jacques Lussier (L'huissier)

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Children with:
Catherine Clerice

Catherine Lussier
Marguerite Lussier (Luissier)
Jacques Lussier (L'huissier)
  • Born: 1643, St. Eustache, Paris, France
  • Married 30 Sep 1669, Quebec, Canada, to Charlotte De La Marche
  • Married 12 Oct 1671, Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec , to Catherine Clerice
  • Died: Jun 1713, St. Lawrence River, Sorel, Quebec

    Excerpt from:
    Ancestors of Jean Marie Boucher
    Gail Morin 13 Oct 1999

    "78. Jacques LUSSIER was also known as LHUISSIER(DGFQ, page 746.). He lived at Paris(ibid.). A contract for the marriage to Charlotte LAMARCHE was signed on 22 September 1669 Notary Becquet(ibid.). He married Charlotte LAMARCHE on 30 September 1669 at Quebec, Quebec, Quebec(ibid.). A contract for the marriage to Catherine CLERICE was signed on 11 October 1671 Notary Becquet(ibid.). He married Catherine CLERICE, daughter of Pierre CLERICE and Marie LEFEBVRE, on 12 October 1671 at Quebec, Quebec, Quebec(DNCF, page 876.). He was buried on 12 June 1713 at Sorel, Quebec(DGFQ, page 746.). "
    Birth note 2: 1643 in Richelieu, Sorel, Quebec

    Burial: 12 Jun 1713
    Sorel, Berthier, Quebec, Canada
    From: http://www.genealogie.org/club/sglj/Chroniques/Famille6Lussier.html
    Renée Desautels, généalogiste

    In, approximately, 1646, in the Saint-Eustache parish in Paris, Jacques Lussier (Lhuissier) and Marguerite Darmine brought into the world a son, Jacques. At about 20 years age, Jacques (junior) leaves his country to try the adventure in New-France. He married, in Quebec, the Parisian, Charlotte de Lamarche; the date of the contract in the Becquet notary is on September 22, 1669. The couple settles in Boucherville; a girl, Marie, is born in February 1671 and her mother, alas, dies in bed. Six months after the death of his wife, Jacques Lussier goes back to Quebec where he marries in a second wedding, Catherine Clérice, also a Parisienne. The new couple returns to Varennes by the river to live in the house that Jacques had built in 1670 on the grounds of Rene Gaultier of Varennes, who will become Lord of Varennes on October 29, 1672.

    The couple Jacques and Catherine have 12 children including four sons, Christophe, Pierre, Jacques and Isaac, who will assure all the Lussier descent, Lussyé, Lucier, Lhuissier of North America.

    Since the beginning of the colony, the territory occupied by Varennes was composed of five seigniories of which some of the lords had been of the Gauthier. With the time and the multiplication of the heirs, the seigniories were parcelled out and had changed several times of hand. In February 1796, Paul Lussier, husband of Apolline Huet, buys some land and begins the reunification of Varennes. He becomes a lord of Varennes, land great landowner, to whom belonged part of what will become Sainte-Julie. Later, his on Felix will be lord, then Hector, his grandson.

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