Fiacre DodierCatherine Melenel or Moleur

Jacques Dodier

f a m i l y
Children with:
Catherine Caron

Barbe Dodier
Jacques Dodier
  • Born: 1637 or 1638, St. Champaissant, Mans Maine, France
  • Married 30 Nov 1662, Chateau Richer de Crampaistant, Quebec , to Catherine Caron
  • Died: bef 7 Dec 1677, Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Montmorency, Quebec

    Translated from the L'Association des Familles Caron d'Amérique web page, "Jacques Dodier":

    Born in 1637, son of Fiacre Dodier and Catherine Melenel, our ancestor Jacques Dodier originated in Champaissant, of the Mamers archbishop's parish, évêché Mans, of the old province of Maine, currently Sartre.

    Jacques Dodier signs a marriage contract, May 29, 1662, in the Aubert notary. He is quoted on September 16 of the same year, with Castle-Richer and, at the same place, he marries on 30 November, Catherine Charon, born in 1649.

    Daughter of Robert Charon and Marie Crevet, Catherine has just become 13 years old, previous 23 November.

    Jacques and Catherine have together two sons and three girls. Only one son propagates the patronym, the other dies a few days after his birth.

    The elder one, Barbe Dodier, born about 1664, is one year old with the census of 1666, 3 years with the census of 1667 and 18 years, in that of 1681. She becomes the wife on November 5, 1680, of Ignace Gagné, born in 1656, son of Louis Gagné and Marie Michel.

    The second, Anne Dodier, is born on February 28, 1671 and baptized, at Beaupré, March 1. She becomes the wife on August 26, 1686, of Noël Simard, son of Noël Simard dit Lombrette, and of Marie-Madeleine Racine.

    The third, Claire Dodier, born on August 21, on 1675, and baptized September 1, in Beaupré, becomes on December 26, 1690, the wife of the brother of her brother-in-law, Pierre Simard.

    The ancestor Jacques Dodier dies on December 30, 1677 and its body is buried on December 7, in Beaupré. His widow, Catherine Charon marries in a second wedding, in 1680, with Pierre Dupre.

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