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Toussaint Hunault dit DesChampsMarie Lorgueil dir Arcouet

Jeanne Hunault Deschamps

f a m i l y
Children with:
Adrien Quevillon

Marie Quevillon
Jeanne Hunault Deschamps
  • Born: 2 Nov 1658, Montreal, Quebec
  • Married 2 Feb 1671 or 72, Montreal, Quebec, to Adrien Quevillon
  • Died: 5 Sep 1748, Quebec


    Toussaint and Marie had an average (for then) sized family: Thécle, André, Jeanne, Pierre, Marie-Thérèse, Mathurin, Francoise, Toussaint, Toussaint and Charles. All were born in Montréal between September 1655 and 25 July 1676 and all were baptized and registered at Notre-Dame-de-Montréal.

    Jeanne Hunault was sponsored at baptism by Jeanne Rousselier on November 2, 1658. She was less that fourteen years old when she married the Norman, Adrien Quevillon; They were parents of seven children. After Adrien's death, Jeanne married a second time on an unknown date to Jacques Corval and gave him one son; Louis-Augustin. (According to one report she was
    an Indian captive. There is little known about Jacques so he may have been a native, or in captivity with her.) After the sudden death of her second husband, Jeanne married again on May 7, 1699, at Montréal, Pierre Taillefer, Norman solider of de LaGrois Company. Their only son, Pierre, also married and had a family. Thus, Jeanne through her nine children earned the enviable title of matriarch of the Quevillon, Courval and Taillerfer families. Jeanne died 05 September 1748 at Riviéres-des-Prairies at age 89.. Her son, Pierre Taillefer and Jean-Baptiste Rapin were witnesses to her burial.

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