Pierre DeniauJeannette Gaudet

Jean Deniau Sieur de Long

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Children with:
Helen Daudin

Pierre Deniau
Jean Deniau Sieur de Long
  • Born: 1630, St. Nicolas, La Rochelle, Aunis, France
  • Married 21 Jan 1664, Montreal, QUebec, to Helen Daudin
  • Died: 12 Aug 1695, Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec

    Jean Deniau was born in France, in the Sainte-Marie parish of the Montbert borough, diocese of Nantes in Brittany. On the first writing to bear his name, the notary Basset spells his patronym, Niaux. .

    Jean arrived in New France with the Great Recruit of 1653. Jean Deniau, Sieur de Long, thus appointed by Basset, is the son of Pierre Deniau and Jeannette Gaudet. He was surely born about 1630, because he is 36 years old at the census of 1666 and 51 years in 1681 during the seigniory of Tremblay de Longueuil. November 25, 1663, Jean Deniau signs, in front of the notary Basset, his marriage contract with Helene Daudin, dauther of Isaac Daudin and Anne Jeannet of the Ile de Ré, évêché de la Rochelle, France, who he marries on January 21, 1664 in the church Our-Lady of Montreal.

    In 1678, the Deniau family is established in the seigniory of Tremblay where, August 12, 1695, both are massacred by Iroquois. From their union were born six children of which one will die at an early age.
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