Jean Testard

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Children with:
Anne Godefroy

Jeanne Testard
Jean Testard
  • Born: Abt 1612, Rouen, Normandie, Seine-Maritime, France
  • Married Abt 1640, Normandy, France, to Anne Godefroy
  • Died: 18 Mar 1705, Montreal, Quebec

    From GÉNÉOLOGIE FAMILLE TESTARD DE MONTIGNY by Archange Godbout (1941) [Translation edited - WCD]

    It was affirmed that Jean Testard, ancestor of the Canadian branch, was a native of Rouen. The state cival of this city does not mention Testard before 1669. We believe the family originated in Saint-Antoine-la-Forest (Seine-Lower, district of Montdidier, canton of Lillebonne). Indeed, by his marriage contract signed in Rouen, November 10 1670 (G Liot, notary), Anne Testard, daughter of Jean, receives in dowry 150 livres to be taken on certain heritages belonging to Jean and located in the Saint-Antoine-la-Forest parish. What seems to confirm this assumption is that the Godefrey family, to which Jean Testard had been joined, was from Trinity-of-Mount parish, close to Saint-Anthony, and also the title of << Sieur de la Forest >> adopted in Canada by Jacques Testard, son of Jean.

    A fact that will surprise more than one of our historians, both the Testard and Godefroy families were calvinists. All the acts raised of them, in Rouen, are consigned to the registers of the protesting temple of Quevilly.

    An honorable man, Jean Testard dit Lafontaine was a carpenter in Rouen in 1669 and, in 1670, he is described as middle-class (bourgeois) in this city. As one does not find mention of him in the files of Rouen before this time, it is probable that he lived in the Saint-Antoine-la-Forest parish where he had heritage. His presence is announced only once in Canada: August 28 1652, in Trois-Rivières, he attended the inventory of the goods of Thomas Godefroy, Sieur de Normanville, his brother-in-law, killed by Iroquois (Ameau, notary).
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