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Thomas Wolcott

John Wolcott

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Children with:
Agnes [Wolcott] ??

John Wolcott, Jr.
John Wolcott
  • Born: 10 Sep 1516, Tolland, Somerset, England
  • Married Abt 1548, Tolland, Somerset, England, to Agnes [Wolcott] ??
  • Died: 11 Apr 1572, Tolland, Somerset, England

    John was apparently another son of Thomas Wolcott the elder. Like Thomas the younger, he was a miller. There appear to have been two mills at Tolland, a tucking mill and a grist mill. Thomas seems to have run the former and John the latter. John's name appears with that of Thomas, the elder in the will of William Howe dated 1551 as owing William for raw cloth. John must have been an adult at that time, so was probably born somewhere around 1525. He married Agnes who apparently died in 1606, for Tolland parish records show that Agnes Woollcot, widow, was buried there on 6 November 1606. The will John Woolcot of Tolland, miller, leaves 4 pence to John Howe of Tolland, a kettle and a bullock to his son, John; 10 pounds and household items to each of his unmarried daughters, Alice and Mary; a sheep to Agnes Meyn; and the remainder to his wife, Agnes, with his brothers, Henry and Roger Woolcote as overseers.
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