Pierre Thibault dit L'Eveille

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Children with:
Catherine Baudry

Marie Anne Tibault
Pierre Thibault dit L'Eveille
  • Born: 1664, d'Agen,Lot-et-Garonne,Gascogne,France
  • Married 24 Nov 1687, Montreal, Quebec, to Catherine Baudry
  • Died: 6 Jan 1740, Sault-au-Recollet, Quebec
  • Occupation: Soldier

    Ancestors of Jacques St.Denis
    17 Jan 2002
    Gail Morin

    18. Pierre THIBAUT dit Leveille (PRDH online, #115340.) was also known as Pierre THIBAULT dit Leveille. He lived at Agen, Guyenne (DNCF Dictionnaire National des Canadiens-Francais Tome I & II Gabriel Drouin, editor (revised 1985; Siege Social, 4184, rue St-Denis, Montreal, Canada: l'Institut Genealogique Drouin, 1979), page 1282.). He was a soldier (Ibid.). He was also known as Pierre THIBAUD (PRDH online, #113667.). He was born circa 1654 (He was 86 in 1740) (PRDH online, #115340.). A contract for the marriage to Catherine BEAUDRY was signed on 21 Nov 1687 notary Cabazier (DGFQ, page 1075.). He married Catherine BEAUDRY, daughter of Antoine BAUDRY and Catherine GUYARD, on 24 Nov 1687 Montreal, Montreal, Quebec (DNCF, page 1282.) (PRDH online.) (DGFQ, page 1075.). He died on 6 Jan 1740 Sault-au-Recollet, Quebec (PRDH online, #115340.). He was buried on 7 Jan 1740 Sault-au-Recollet, Quebec, Pierre Thibaut Leveille, of Sault-au-Recollet, age 86, fron Agen in Gascogne, husband of Catherine Baudry, Witnesses: Saladin, ptre cure, and Jean Proux, Bedeau, Chambon ptre (Ibid.).

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