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Children with:
Thomas Rogers

(Thomas) John Rogers
Catherine Courtenay
  • Born: Abt 1438, Powderham,Devon,England
  • Married Feb 1483 to Thomas Rogers
  • Died: 12 Jan 1514, Shillingford,Devon,England

    per History of MF Planters by L.C. Hills
    8th gen. in direct line from Edward I, King of England Gibson says "House of Courtney is one of the most illustrious races among the English nobility"
    Catherine de Courtenay was the daughter of Sir Philip de Courtney, Knight of Powderham Castle in Devon. She and Thomas had two sons, George, the elder and John. Catherine or Katherine (as it was more frequently spelled) was the second daughter and youngest child of Sir Philip, who was born in 1404 and died in 1463. Her mother was Elizabeth Hungerford, daughter of Lord Walter Hungerford and Catherine Peverell. It is through the de Courtenay line we are related to the Plantagenets.

    The House of Courtenay was considered one of the most illustrious families among the English nobility. When George Rogers, son of Katherine de Courtenay and Thomas Rogers, was 30 years old, his mother died. William, the eldest son of Thomas Rogers by his first wife, was heir to the Rogers estate. His second son, George, Katherine's eldest child was her personal heir and received the property which came to his mother from the Courtenay estates. His third child, John, was educated and got material assistance from the Courtenays, but genealogically he was the recipient of the greatest heirloom his mother could have bestowed upon him, viz.: her personal arms, the Courtenay escutcheon, engraved on her own silver drinking cup - such a bequeathal in that era would be given only to one of her own blood, and thereby clinches the blood-line Courtenay descent of her youngest son as surely as that of her eldest, the entailed heir. Katherine de Courtenay was immensely rich with a most elaborate pedigree, running through the Royalty of three nations.
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