Banjamin Hutchinson (Hutchison)

Sarah Hutchinson or Hutchins

f a m i l y
Children with:
Nelson McWilliams

Benjamin G. McWilliams
Diana McWilliams
Joseph M. McWilliams
Sarah Hutchinson or Hutchins
  • Born: 6 May 1795, Hawkins, TN
  • Married 28 Oct 1814, Rogersville, Hawkins, Tennessee, to Nelson McWilliams
  • Died: 4 Jul 1855, Pulaski County, KY


    Sarah McWilliams listed in the VITAL STATS: 1855 Deaths, p 1 - Pulaski County, Kentucky. Parents listed as Benjamin & M. Hutchinson. Sarah listed as age 60, having died of breast cancer. She was noted as having been born in Maryland. Research continues.

    Pulaski County 1852-1859 Births, Deaths & Marriages Index lists Sarah Hutchison, married to -- McWIlliams as dying in Pulaski County. This page also lists the births of the children of Benjamine & Mary/Polly H. Harness/Herriner around the same period. As Benjamin is the son of Nelson and Sarah McWilliams, there is enough here to indicate that Sarah did, indeed die in Pulaski County on 4 Jul 1855.

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