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Lt. Henry WolcottJane Allyn

Lt. Thomas Wolcott

f a m i l y
Children with:
Fannie Ducolon (Dubelerey) (Doubelery)

Peter Wolcott
Lt. Thomas Wolcott
  • Born: 1 Apr 1702, Windsor, CT
  • Married Abt 1742, Taghanic, NY, to Fannie Ducolon (Dubelerey) (Doubelery)
  • Died: 1762, Taghanic, NY

    He settled at Tolland CT about 1722, fencing and improving part of the 400 acres his father had bought in 1719, in 1729 he sold land left him by his grandfather Allyn, and in 1739 he sold his land at Tolland and moved to Dutchess Co. New York, leased land from Cadwallader Colden in "The Oblong", in 1749 engaged in legal dispute over ownership of this land with John Sackett ; m. (1) Catherine Loomis 1725 Tolland Twp. CT, m. (2) Susannah Porter c. 1739 CT, m. (3) Fannie Ducolon c. 1742 Taghanic NY.
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