Hamon (Hammelin) Seigneur de Chateau-du-LoireGodhaut (Hideburge) de Belleme

Hamon de Crevecour Lord of Creully

Robert Fitz Hamon

f a m i l y
Children with:
Sybil de Montgomery

Mabel (Maud) Fitz Hamon de Meullent
Robert Fitz Hamon
  • Born: Abt 1070, East Chester, England
  • Married to Sybil de Montgomery
  • Died: 10 Mar 1107

    Robert FITZHAMON , Lord of Glamorgan
    Earl of Gloucester. Lord of Creully in Calvados, Governor of Caen. Only referred to as Earl of Gloucester by Dugdale. The Complete Peerage Vol. V., p. 683. (from Royal & Noble Genealogical Data: http://www.dcs.hull.uk/public/genealogy/GEDCOM.html.)

    Robert Fitz Hamon was the son of the Sheriff of Kent and was Married to Sibyl Montgomery the daughter of Roger De Montgomery the Earl of Shrewsbury who held vast lands in Wales. It was Fitz Hamon who established the first castle at Cardiff and was given Glamorgan as his fief and it seems very likely that Gilbert would have held lands there as a vassal of Fitz Hamon.
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