Rollo Rognvaldsson Papia (Poppa) de SenlisHubert de St. Liz Count of Senlis

William Espriota de Bretagne

Richard I

f a m i l y
Children with:
Gunnor de Crepon Duchess of Normandy
Papia Concubine of Richard I

Richard II Duke of Normandy (IV)
Espriota de Normandie
Godfrey (Geoffrey) Comte d'Eu et Brionne
Matilda (Mahaud) de Normandy
Richard I "Sans Peur" Duke of Normandy (III)
  • Born: 28 Aug 933, Fecamp, Normandy, France
  • Partner with Emma de Burgundy
  • Married Abt 957, Fecamp, Normady, France, to Gunnor de Crepon Duchess of Normandy
  • Married to Papia Concubine of Richard I
  • Died: 20 Nov 966, the Monastery at Fecamp, Normandy, France

    pict1455.jpg [131x193] Richard I, Duke of Normandy
    Richard I, Sanspeur (without fear), 3rd Duke of Normandy

    Children (2):
    Richard II, 4th Duke of Normandy; b abt 957, Normandy, France
    Robert, Count of Evreux; b abt 965, d 1035, Nicaea, Turkey
    Malger, Count of Corbeil; b abt 966, d abt 1030 (his son,
    William Werlenc) (van Houts:54-5, 126)
    Emma, Queen of England; b abt 975, Normandy, France, d. 14 Mar 1051/52, Winchester Cathedral, London, England
    Godfrey, 1st Count of Eu and Brionne (illegitimate) (van Houts:93); f/o Gilbert, 3rd Count of Eu, who fathered Richard of Clare or Tonbridge (van Houts:228)
    William I, 2nd Count of Eu; b abt 955 Normandy, France (illegitimate) (van Houts:8)
    Hedwige m. Geoffrey Count of Bretagne
    Children: Alan, count of Bretagne; Emme m. Ivo of Cotentin (Lawson)
    "Louis IV of France took the boy-duke into his protective custody, apparently intent upon reuniting Normandy to the crown's domains; but in 945 Louis was captured by the Normans, and Richard was returned to his people. Richard withstood further Carolingian attempts to subdue his duchy and, in 987, was instrumental in securing the French crown for his brother-in-law, the Robertian Hugh Capet."

    Although Richard I's son Richard II was born out of wedlock, after Richard's wife Emma died, he then married Gunnor, the mother of Richard II.

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