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Joseph Gagne (Gonyea)Marie Anne Bissonnette

Jean Baptiste Gonyea or Gagne

f a m i l y
Children with:
Lucie Dupuis

Marguerite Rosalie Gonyea
Lucie Gonyea (Gagne)
Jean Baptiste Gonyea
Joseph Gonyea
Paul Gonyea
Louis Gonyea
Moise Gonyea
Hubert Abraham Gonyea
Israel Gonyea
William Gonyea
Delphis Gonyea
Jean Baptiste Gonyea or Gagne
  • Born: 1 Apr 1817, Chambly, Quebec
  • Married 1838, Plattsburgh, NY, to Lucie Dupuis
  • Died: 8 Aug 1886, Redford, NY

    Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
    about Jean Baptiste Gagne
    Name: Jean Baptiste Gagne
    [Jean Bte Gagne]
    Event Year: 1817-1820
    Event: Naissance (Birth)
    Religion: Catholique
    Place of Worship or Institution: Chambly (St-Joseph)
    Province: Québec (Quebec)
    Baptism date: 2 Apr 1817
    Parents listed as Jean Gagne (occupation farmer) and Marie Anne Bissonette
    Noted in the 1860 Federal Census as John Gonyea, at age 47 (?) living in Redford, Clinton Cty., NY with wife Lucy [Lucie], age 39, and children John [Jean Baptiste] - 20, Joseph - 19, Paul - 17, Lewis [Louis] - 15, Moses [Moise] - 9, Lucy [Lucie] - 13, Rosilla [Marguerite Rosalie] - 10, Abraham [Hubert Abraham] - 7, Israel - 3, and Felix - 6 mths. His occupation is noted as Farmer.
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