Jean Julien Isadore Louis TavernierTherese LefoureurPierre CussonMarie Felicite Paquet

Antoine TavernierCeleste Cusson

Theodore Tavernier

f a m i l y
Children with:
Julia Guyon dit Yon

Ubald(e) "Robert" Tavernier
Joseph Tavernier
Antoine Tavernier
Celeste Tavernier

Louis Theodore Tavernier
Theodore Tavernier
  • Born: 9 Jun 1820, Quebec, Canada
  • Married 3 Nov 1846, St. Chrysostome de Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada, to Julia Guyon dit Yon
  • Died: 11 May 1913, Churubusco, Clinton Co., NY

    My father shared many stories about Theodore, as was told to him by his father. One thing of particular importance, was that Theodore worked for sometime with the railroad in the late 1800's. Sometime prior to 1900, Theodore lost his right arm. It was cut off, while he was working. Apparently, his arm became caught, somehow, between the cuplings of the cars. Before being able to remove his arm, either the engine car went forward or backward, but his arm was immediately amputated in the cupling.

    Madonna Tavernier Holden, Theodore's great great granddaughter
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